About Us

Who we are

labtron is a global manufacturer of top-quality laboratory equipment. Our advanced and innovative products improve the consistency and security of your workflows resulting in higher quality, more reliable data, and accurate results.

The aim of our quality assurance team is to ensure the overall standard of quality. We have an extensive product line that includes autoclaves, centrifuges, refrigerators, dryers, ultrasonic cleaners, lab purifiers, ultrasonic homogenizers, freeze dryers, stomach blenders, stirrers, mixers, nucleic acid extractors, sterilizers, icemakers, incubators, ovens, and sample processing systems.

All of our laboratory equipment comply with a wide range of testing requirements. We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified company and all our products comply with stringent International Standards such as ISO 13485:2016 along with CE Certifications.


In order to provide the best products to our customers and effectively meet their needs, we primarily focus on three aspects.

Reliability of instruments.

The quality of the product

The efficiency of the products


Our goal is to provide the highest quality and most effective service to our customers.


Increasing the quality of laboratory needs by enabling lab instruments

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