Horizontal Pressure Steam Sterilizer EZL-HS82

Horizontal Pressure Steam Sterilizer EZL-HS82

Horizontal Pressure Steam Sterilizer EZL-HS82 is a front loading floor standing sterilizer designed to process a wide range of materials. The unit has a maximum temperature range of 134°C, a chamber volume of 200 L, and a dimension of 440×1000 mm. During sterilization, the microprocessor-controlled system automatically adjusts the steam inlet and outlet based on the chamber temperature. The sterilizing chamber is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel that is easy to clean, and it is controlled by a robust screen that provides fully automatic logging.

Sterilizing Chamber Volume 200 L
Working Pressure 0.22MPa
Working Temperature 134°C
Adjustable Temperature Range 40° - 134°C
Sterilization Time 0 – 99 min
Drying Time 0 – 99 min
Heat Average ≤± 2°C
Power 10 KW
Power Supply AC 380V, 50Hz
Chamber Dimension (ɸ×D) 515×1000 mm
Dimension (L×W×H) 1400×750×1700 mm
Package Dimension (L×W×H) 1560×910×1880 mm
Net Weight 350 Kg
Gross Weight 436 Kg

  • Automatic controlled sterilizing process

  • High grade stainless steel chamber

  • Standard operation via a digital display

  • High-efficiency and easy to use

  • Exhausts the cool air automatically

  • Leak-proof sealing with gasket design

  • Provides clean and dry environment for sterilization

  • Safety door lock system

  • Automatic low level water cut off mechanism

  • Built-in mini printer to record the sterilizing information

  • Audible indication in case when cycle is incomplete

  • User friendly control panel

It is ideal for material tests like pressure vessel test, quality control, and class B program cycles. As well for food preservation, culture media preparation, sterilization of waste in liquids, bottles, instruments, porous materials, synthetic materials and glass ware in hospitals, food industries, clinical laboratories, medical institutes, science and research organizations etc.

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