Mini Centrifuge LMI-A23

Mini Centrifuge LMI-A23

Mini Centrifuge LMI-A23 is a handheld centrifuge with Centrifugal speed of 4,000 rpm. ± 3 % and maximum RCF of 990 x g it is equipped with brushless DC motor gives noiseless and vibration free operation mode. It has ergonomic compact design and user friendly usage mode. It can fit with 2 ml, 1.5 ml, 0.5 ml and 0.2 ml tubes. Ideal for macromolecules separation and clinical, PCR and HPLC analysis protocols. The handheld centrifuge is very suitable for microtubule filtration and fast centrifugation, the micro blood cell separation, microbial sample processing, experimental partition centrifugal of PCR.

Maximum Speed 4000 rpm ± 3 %
Maximum RCF 990 x g
Allowable ambient temperature 5 to 40 °C
Relative Humidity 80 % RH
Fastest acceleration time ≤ 12 s
Fastest Deceleration time ≤ 16 s
Motor DC 24 V
The noise at highest speed ≤ 42 dB (A)
Rate of work Input 12 W
Power Supply AC85-264V/50/60Hz
Power Fuse PPTC / self-recovery fuse / No replacement needed
Control Method PI / Power direct drive
Protection Level IP 21
Rotor Capacity 2 / 1.5 / 0.5 / 0.2 ml × 80.2 ml × 8 × 4 (PCR)
PackagingDimension 280×250×180 mm
Packaging Weight 2 kg

  • Enhanced flash memory microcontroller provides high performance

  • Uses less bench area space

  • Model can fit in 2 ml, 1.5 ml, 0.5 ml and 0.2 ml tubes

  • Light-weight, small size and beautiful design

  • Ambient Temperature required is 23 °C

  • High speed safety feature protect from unit damage

  • Compact design gives it a tool-free rotor exchange feature

  • less noise and vibration free operation mode

  • Visual alarm and false audio system

  • Shock absorbent RSS material represent more stable operations

  • Interlock lid prevents tubes exclusion during spinning

  • User friendly usage and easy to install

  • No time control button, unless you open the lid, then it stop centrifugation

Mini Centrifuge is widely used in the extraction of nucleic acids, cell debris separation and microfiltration from the biological samples. It is preferably used for protein concentration, PCR analyses, clinical analysis and HPLC protocols.

Standard Acc. No. Rotor Name Measurement
1 Angle Rotor 01 8×1.5/2 ml angle
2 PCR Rotor 01 0.2 ml ×8×4
3 Adatper 01 0.5 ml
4 Adatper 02 0.2 ml

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